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Subject: ** What s love **
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01awan01 18.11.11 - 02:21pm
As salam o alaikum

Dosto ap yahan bta skte ho k pyar muhabat hai kya ap apne lfzon me b byan kr skte hen

01awan01 18.11.11 - 02:26pm
Mohabbat Kya Hai?

Main Ne Poochha

Zindagi Se,
Jawani Se,
Suraj Se,
Phoolon Se,
Aasman Se,
Zameen Se,
Laila Se,
Majnoon Se,

Lekin Koi Sahi Jawab Na Mila Phir...

Tareekh Mera Hath Pakar Kar Peechhay Le Gai....
Bohat Peechhay...
Raat Tareek Thi..
Taaray Bhi So Chukay Thay...

1 Azeem HASTI,
Sajday Mein Jhuki,
Num Aankhon K Sath,
Sawali Bun K,
1 He Baat Dohra Rahi Thi,


Tareekh Ne Mujhay Jhanjhor K Kaha: Aye Nadaan!
Ye Hai Mohabbat !!!
Ye hai PYAAR

01awan01 19.11.11 - 07:43pm
When you say...

I love You...

you are making a promise to someone's else's heart...

honor it... *

swtchoco 20.11.11 - 03:04am

Jante hai wo phir bhi anjaan bante hai,.

Isi tarah wo hame pareshan karte hai,.

Puchte hai humse ki apko kya pasad hai,.

Khud jawab hokar sawaal karte hai.,.

01awan01 20.11.11 - 12:29pm
Don't find love, let love find you. That's why it's called falling in love,

because you don't force yourself to fall, you just fall. *

01awan01 20.11.11 - 02:07pm
81XFDRVA90mwR6lQev61.jpg *

swtchoco 21.11.11 - 04:47pm

Gulab ko hum Kamal bana dete,.

Teri yaad me Gazal bana dete,.

Kambhakt hum pe koi Ladki marti hi

Warna hum bhi Hyderabad me TAJMAHAL bana dete.,.

01awan01 21.11.11 - 06:28pm
kamal hai bhai v nice 2thumbs_up.GIF *

sima77 22.11.11 - 10:13am

Kisi Nay Poocha

Mohabbat Kya Hai ?

Samandar nay kaha....

Mohabbat samandar key gehraiyo may chepie hoe ek seepe hai..
Jiss may chahat jesa anmol moti moujood hai.

Baadal nay kaha ....
Mohabbat ek dhanak hai ....
Jiss may har Rang Nomaya hota hai...

Shair nay kaha....
Mohabbat ek aise ghazal hai ,,
Jo har ek sunnay walay kay dil may utarte chali jate hai ...

Saaz nay kaha ....
Mohabbat ek esa geet hai ..
Jo Dil may utar jata hai ...

Malee nay kaha....

Mohabbat gulshan kay phool key woh dilkash khusboo hai...
Jiss may sara gulshan mehak uttha hai...

Ankhon nay kaha ....

Mohabbat ansoo ka samandar hai..
jo kisse kay intezar may khamoshi say behta hai...

Dil nay kaha ....

Mohabbat kise ko Khamoshi say chahay janay ka naam hai...
kay aakhire waqt bhe Izhar na kiya jay...

Naseeb nay kaha ....
Mohabbat wala duniya ka khush Kismat tareen insaan hai ..
Aur jiss kay Dil may Mohabbat nahin...
Woh duniya ka Badd Tareen shakhs Hai...

Nafrat nay kaha ....
Aakhiri Jeet Mohabbat ki Hoti hai...!

01awan01 22.11.11 - 10:18am
nice sima g *

01awan01 22.11.11 - 10:20am

ek admi ne kisi bazurg se pocha..

piyar ki hqeqat kia hai

bazurg ne kaha
bagh main jao our jo sub se khubsurat phool ho, wo le aaoo admi ik din baad wapis aya..

our kaha? main phool dekhta raha, ik phool sub se khubsurat laga magar main is se better ki talaash main chal para''

magar...our piyara na mila.. jab lout kr aya tu isey koi our toor chuka tha..:(

bazurg ne kaha?yahi haqeqat hai jo samne ho us ki qadar nhi ki jati our jab wapis louto tu woh bhi hath nhi ata .......

01awan01 22.11.11 - 10:25am
Love Can't Be Forced On Anyone, It's The Feeling Which The Both Sides Have For Each Other. *

sima77 22.11.11 - 10:34am
Mohabbat Bakhsh Deti Hai***

Kabi Ra'anayiaan Aisi***

K Jaisay Dhoop K Hotay***

Kabi Badal Baras Jaye***

K Jaisay Bin Kahay Koyi***

Kahi Dil Mai Utar Jaye***

Kahi Pariyo Ki Waadi Mai***

Barray Se Takht Per Betay***

Koyi Phoolo K Daman Se***

Koyi Rango K Aanchal Se***

Saro'n Per Sayebaan Ker De***

Mohabbat Bakhsh Deti Hai ***

Kabi Tanhayiaan Aisi***

K Jaisay Aag Si Barsay***

Jo Sara Tan Jala Dalay***

K Jaisay Raastay Mai He***

Koyi Raahi Bhattak Jaye***

K Jaisay Man K Andar Kuch***

Chanak Se Toot Sa Jaye***

K Jaisay Dil PigaL Jaye***

Mohabbat Kya Hai Phir Socho !***
Ra'anaayi ?
Tanhaayi ?

sima77 22.11.11 - 10:36am
Love is just a word until someone comes along and givesit meaning. *

01awan01 27.11.11 - 07:53am
Love Is The Condition In Which The Happiness Of Another Person Is Essential To Your Own....!

Do Give Respect To The People Who Loves You....! *

anggelya 29.11.11 - 04:35am
love is special,
love is rare,
love is made 4 two to share,
love is amazing,
love is blind,
n love is begins when two heart combine *

swtchoco 29.11.11 - 07:06am
wow.. very nice line Anggelya.. clapping.GIF *

sima77 29.11.11 - 07:36am
Vry nyc anggelya n thanx 4 sharng. *

anggelya 29.11.11 - 12:25pm
as u start another day,it is my prayer that God may open the door n windows of heaven an pour blesing after blessing upon you,,,
i love u all,,, *

swtchoco 29.11.11 - 12:33pm
axP7J3MhSMaoLHVIWD9n.gif *

anggelya 29.11.11 - 12:57pm
why u said u love me,if u make me sad???
why u said u love me,if u make me cry???
n why u play my feel,n my ego??? *

swtchoco 29.11.11 - 03:39pm
Pain can only come from pure love...
You feel it only for the person whom you love...
And you will give it only to the person who loves you...

sima77 29.11.11 - 03:53pm
Wow brillnt frnds thumbs up *

sima77 30.11.11 - 06:50am
Love is like a violin. The music may stop now and then, but the strings remain forever. *

sima77 30.11.11 - 06:56am
Maybe love is like luck. You have to go all the way to find it

sima77 30.11.11 - 06:57am
Love is like war: Easy to begin but hard to end. *

sima77 30.11.11 - 06:59am
I'm scared of everything. I'm scaredof what I saw. I'm scared of what I did, of who I am. And most of all... I'm scared of walking out of this room and never feeling the rest of my whole life, the way I feel when I'm with you. thts also love na :) *

sima77 30.11.11 - 07:01am
The best love is the kind that weakens thesoul, that makes us reach for more, that plants fire in our hearts and brings peace to our minds. *

swtchoco 30.11.11 - 08:32am
wow.. sima dear all your msgs are really lovely.. clapping.GIF *

sima77 30.11.11 - 08:59am
thank_you.GIF deepak *

01awan01 30.11.11 - 09:33am
nice sharing sima g 2thumbs_up.GIF *

01awan01 1.12.11 - 08:00pm
A person who loves U madly will never let U go whatever d situation IS. *

01awan01 1.12.11 - 08:09pm
In life LOVE is never planned nor does it happen for a reason.

But when LOVE is real, It becomes your PLAN for life and your reason for living. *

anggelya 2.12.11 - 06:15am
i hate love,
n i dont believe love cz love just make me sad n make me cry,,,
i hate love,,, *

01awan01 2.12.11 - 06:20am
if u wana make love vd all then it wil make u hurt remember tis satya

anggelya 2.12.11 - 07:13am
i wanna trying to be some1,but his ply my heart again,i wanna try to keep him in the dark,,,
but he go away n he call me booh,,,
can u feel this??? *

sima77 2.12.11 - 07:25am
hmmm .... Nyc sharing frnds keep it up. *

01awan01 2.12.11 - 07:28am
why he called u dat word jst think satya *

anggelya 2.12.11 - 07:43am
dont ask with me,but ask with him,why he call me that,,, *

01awan01 2.12.11 - 07:48am
i was nt askng u dear frnd i said dat just think anyway leave it enjoy ur stay here n always b happy *

01awan01 3.12.11 - 02:08pm
Love is like war easy to start, difficult to finish,and impossible to forget *

01awan01 3.12.11 - 02:40pm
9HRauqCZP7J0KJE7S0NL.jpg *

01awan01 3.12.11 - 02:41pm
..NWo0ZCDOGra59vv9qXeB.jpg *

01awan01 3.12.11 - 02:42pm
K13qO22h7d1kObQ2MLEO.jpg *

01awan01 3.12.11 - 03:15pm
,.GFAM1E3727W9WrE2LHxf.jpg *

swtchoco 3.12.11 - 03:59pm

A lonely Heart feels comfortable in the hands of an understanding heart.,


dont loose any Person who understands you well..,

01awan01 3.12.11 - 07:45pm
LOve is sO strange..........!!

SOmetimes it becOmes reasOn tO live life and sOmetimes it becOmes reasOn tO leave life..............!! *

01awan01 4.12.11 - 04:33am
Sumtyms Life Brings Us To Such A Stage, That

If Sum1 Asks Us... ...What's D Best N Worst Thing Happened To You?

We Just Have 1 Answer ...

LOVE ... *

01awan01 4.12.11 - 11:51am
Never compare your love story with those in the movies,

because they are written by scriptwriters.
Yours is written by GOD.
And GOD is indeed best in Everything. *

anggelya 4.12.11 - 12:21pm
love is silent language,which only the heart can speak n only the soul can understand *

01awan01 4.12.11 - 12:28pm
Lips Don't Tell Your Feeling, Its 0nly Your Eyes That Tell A Lot In Love... *

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