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Subject: ** English quotos ** P: 2
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01awan01 28.04.12 - 10:46am
There are two things over which you have Complete Dominion, authority and Control.
Your mind and your mouth. *

01awan01 29.04.12 - 08:44am
The alphabet 'O' stands for opportunity that is absent in yesterday, available once in t'o'day and thrice in t'o'm'o'rr'o'w. So always be hopeful. *

01awan01 30.04.12 - 05:29am
Some days, I wish certain People could Read my thoughts. So they could see what Im too scared to say ... *

01awan01 30.04.12 - 05:40am
It's hard to forget Someone from the Past. When that Person was the only Choice. You ever wanted in your Future. *

01awan01 30.04.12 - 12:42pm
Remember, The voice Telling You That You Cannot Do Something Is Always Lying. *

01awan01 1.05.12 - 06:19am
If someone waits for you it
doesnt mean that they have
nothing else to do. It just
means that nothing else is
more important than you! *

01awan01 1.05.12 - 06:25am
Never keep distance to a Person. Who likes You so much. and Never get close to a Person. Who doesn't like You. Both will hurt You a lot....! *

01awan01 1.05.12 - 06:26am
The best way to be happy is to expect nothing and appreciate everything. *

01awan01 2.05.12 - 01:59pm
I Would rather Stay Quiet.
Then Explain My Problems
to People That really Dont
Care. *

01awan01 2.05.12 - 04:22pm
You are worthy of your
desires. Really wanting
what you want gives you
the power to get it. You
were born free. You are
worthy of love and respect. *

01awan01 2.05.12 - 04:22pm
Associate yourself with
People of good Quality, for
it is better to be alone than
in bad Company. *

01awan01 2.05.12 - 04:30pm
Always Try To Be Original,
What Ever You Are Be You...
Trust In Yourself, You Can
Do, I Know You Are The
Best. But Be Original. *

01awan01 2.05.12 - 04:31pm
We Try to Prove how
Independent We are, But
Really Sometimes We Just
Want Someone Who Is
Brave Enough to Take Care
Of us Once in a While. *

01awan01 2.05.12 - 04:46pm
N0 0ne is b0rn happy but every0ne is b0rn with ability t0 create happiness...!! *

01awan01 2.05.12 - 07:11pm
You're the only one! Who
can leave me completely
breathless.....! Even when
there's nothing but silence
between us. *

01awan01 2.05.12 - 07:11pm
The worst way to leave Someone is without an Explanation. *

01awan01 3.05.12 - 01:47pm
Never compromise or
change yourself just to
pleased someone who
doesn't even know you

01awan01 3.05.12 - 02:26pm
I get the best feeling. When you say Hi or even smile at me! because I know, even if its just for a second, that I've crossed your mind. *

01awan01 3.05.12 - 02:30pm
If you are the reason behind a girl's SMILE ... Dont be the reason she ends up losing it. *

01awan01 3.05.12 - 02:36pm
We always wish we could
have changed our past.....
without realizing that the
past has already changed
us *

01awan01 3.05.12 - 04:26pm
Don't say a promise If you cannot stand for it. It's better to say I will try so that expectations would not be as high. *

01awan01 5.05.12 - 08:15am
Never give Someone Your all because when they are gone, You have nothing. *

01awan01 5.05.12 - 01:29pm
My relation is not like RAIN Which comes and goes away ...

My Relation is like AIR Sometimes silent but Always around you ...

01awan01 5.05.12 - 03:53pm
Dont Depend too much on anyone in this World. Even Your Shadow leaves You, When You are in the Darkness. *

01awan01 5.05.12 - 03:54pm
You can't just sit and wait
for people to give you that
golden dream. You've got
to get out there and make it
happen for yourself. *

01awan01 5.05.12 - 03:55pm
Don't hurt anyone! It only
takes a few seconds to hurt
people you love and it can
take years to heal. *

01awan01 5.05.12 - 03:59pm
Missing someone. When you are alone is not affection...
but thinking of someone even when you are busy is called real affection ... *

01awan01 6.05.12 - 05:38am
Hold On To Me Tight, Never Let Me Go, Because Once You Let Go, I Might Be Gone Forever.. *

01awan01 6.05.12 - 05:39am
A REAL RELATIONSHIP: has Fights, Trust, Faith, Tears,
Pain, argument, Patience,
Secrets, Jealousy & LOVE. *

01awan01 6.05.12 - 05:39am
Just because two people
argue, it doesn't mean that
they don't love each other
and just because they don't
argue, it doesn't mean they
do. *

01awan01 6.05.12 - 01:51pm
If Some One Hurts You Dont Mind It. Bcoz Its The Law Of Nature That The Tree That Has The SWEETEST Fruit Bears The Maximum Number Of Stones. *

01awan01 15.08.12 - 02:07pm
I don't Argue anymore! If Someone tried to hurt me. I Put a Smile on my Face go to my bed Hug my blanket Cry in Silence. Till i Falls asleep....! ((((: *

ameera12 15.08.12 - 09:28pm
if your father is poor that is not your fault but if your father in law is poor that is your fault *

ameera12 15.08.12 - 09:28pm
(hahahaha) *

01awan01 17.08.12 - 02:37am
''Knowledge will give You Power but Characterll give You Respect.

Real living is living for Others.'' *

01awan01 17.08.12 - 02:43am
Being hurt is something you can't stop from happening

But being miserable is always your choice. :) *

menakhan 31.08.12 - 01:15pm

Do you ever put your arms out and spin and spin and spin?
Well that's what love is like. Everything around you tells you
to stop before you fall, but you just keep going. *

menakhan 31.08.12 - 01:15pm
Love is like heaven but hurts like hell. *

01awan01 16.09.12 - 03:02pm
Kindness is the language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see *

01awan01 22.10.12 - 07:09pm
I can't ChAnGe mY AtTitUde in AnY ConDitIoN ...
bcoz I Got it in mY Inheritance ...!!

:) *

01awan01 26.10.12 - 02:40pm
Sometimes I wish I was an octopus, so I could slap 8 people at once :) *

01awan01 12.01.13 - 06:38pm
To kill a Deer, you need Guns, Swords Knives and Ropes


To kill a Dear, you need just Silence and ignorance . *

01awan01 19.04.13 - 04:29pm
Dont run after ur past so hard that u can not see the one in ur present and in future u think u lost both *

01awan01 19.04.13 - 04:30pm
The only person you can really trust is yourself. *

01awan01 19.04.13 - 04:39pm
Give thousand chance yur enemy to become yur frnd Never give a single chance to yur frnd to become yur enemy *

01awan01 19.04.13 - 04:49pm
The one who break other ppl's heart should remember that YoU have a
heart too, YoU can also fall for some one like ur victims did and ur love can also break YouR heart *

01awan01 19.04.13 - 04:52pm
Sometimes when you give importance to people they think that you are always FREE, But they don't understand that you make yourself available for them everytime *

01awan01 20.04.13 - 04:23pm
Relationship Does Not Need Cute Voice and Lovely Faces It Just Needs a Beautiful Responsible Heart Wid Affection ... ! *

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