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Subject: ** General Knowledge **
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01awan01 19.04.13 - 04:08pm
As salam o alaikum :

rap.GIF Knowledge is above from every thing. I believe in getting knowledge & sharing it. So come & join us to get & share knowledge.thank_you.GIF

01awan01 19.04.13 - 04:10pm
Intelligent people are foundto be more faithful in arelationship *

01awan01 19.04.13 - 04:11pm
Dont take Mentol before or after drinking c*ck it can cause serious prblms because the combination produces cynide which is poisnous for human body

01awan01 19.04.13 - 04:15pm
c*ckraoch can live without their head for a weak because their brain is nt in their head,the reason they die is because they can not eat *

01awan01 19.04.13 - 04:17pm
Elephants can move their skin to crush the Mosquitoes in the rolls of their skin *

01awan01 19.04.13 - 04:36pm
Tipping in dream and waking up is called Hypnic jerk and it occures because ur brain thinks u r dying

01awan01 19.04.13 - 04:36pm
If a Google employee dies their spouse get half of their income for ten years

01awan01 19.04.13 - 04:37pm
overthinking can cause ur body to burn 300 calories per day

01awan01 19.04.13 - 04:45pm
Swans only have one partner for their whole life, and if their partner dies they can pass away from broken heart *

01awan01 19.04.13 - 04:55pm
Scientists have determined that having guilty feelings may actually damage your immune system. *

01awan01 20.04.13 - 04:20pm
The best gift you could give to someone is 'DUA' *

01awan01 20.04.13 - 04:26pm
A mountain is not higher than Ur confidence Because it will be under Ur feet If U reach the top..:) *

01awan01 20.04.13 - 04:34pm
The word Goodbye originated from the phrase, God be with you. *

01awan01 20.04.13 - 04:37pm
Your mind spends about 70% of it's time replaying memories and creating scenarios of perfect moments. *

01awan01 20.04.13 - 04:38pm
When the person is frustrated/depressed they look down at their watch 3 or 4 times and still don't remember what time it is. *

01awan01 20.04.13 - 04:42pm
Google could pay more than 1 billion in 2014 to remain the default search engine on iOS. *

01awan01 20.04.13 - 04:43pm
Alcohol makes people appear 5 times more attractive than they really are. *

01awan01 20.04.13 - 04:44pm
If his father hadn't changed his name in 1877, Hitler's name would have been Adolf Schicklgruber. *

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